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I had the loveliest birthday aever with my darling, thanks hun~

There was just a one little moodkiller - his mother. That woman really hates me or something… And do you know how bad it makes me feel, while I don’t do anything else than love her child with my heart and soul… Oh well, we may not look like a normal heterosexual pair, but we are, and what does that even matter if we weren’t? Well, that woman has lot of problems I know, but… It makes me feel wrong and dirty. Unwanted. Bad. His mother has said to my boyfriend, that I’m not excatly the one she wished my boyfriend would pick… Gosh, we really do love each other. Really.

And darling, I know you’re going to read this text, but please, just calm down now, hun? Everything is alright with me and it’s not your fault your mother is a dickhead.

Maybe I can deal with this. I hope so. I have a maths exam tomorrow andI really have to sleep but I feel too anxious because of that person… Cutting sounds good but no, I’ve cutted too much already…

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